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Interviewing and finding the right candidate

Efficiently and fairly identify the best candidates from the pool of applications and facilitate an interview process that gives both interviewer and interviewee the confidence that they are a good long-term match.

When interviewing the top candidates for a job, it is essential to create a structured and consistent process that allows you to fairly evaluate each candidate's skills, experience, and potential fit within your company. 

Use this system to: 

  1. Create a structured and consistent interview process with standard questions that address the key requirements of the position.
  2. Provide each candidate with the same information about the job and the company to ensure a fair evaluation.
  3. Allow time for candidates to ask questions and provide examples of their work or past experiences.
  4. Take thorough notes during the interviews, and compare them against the job requirements and the candidates' resumes to make an informed decision.
  5. Consider involving multiple team members in the interview process to get a well-rounded perspective on each candidate.

By conducting thorough and fair interviews, small businesses can make informed decisions and choose the best candidate for the job.

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Interviewing and finding the right candidate

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