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How To Automate Basically Anything

With Impact Positive's Virtual Team

The idea of business automation makes a lot of promises (which, at the moment, at least) it can't keep. If you've ever spent the afternoon trying to set up a simple automation (using a tool like Zapier), you'll know the frustration first-hand and know that robots aren't destined to take our jobs just yet. 

Now, I say this as a technology advocate. I love technology and know it can do amazing things. The problem isn't the technology itself. It's (as always) how we use it. 

Research conducted by Accenture involving 1,500 companies and published in the Harvard Business Review found that across all 12 industries they sampled, firms achieved the most significant performance improvements when humans and machines worked together and not when technology was used to replace the human workforce. 

Which makes intuitive sense. A human with a hammer builds chairs faster and better than a human without a hammer. Or a hammer without a human, for that matter). 

That's where Impact Positive's Virtual Team steps in. 

We take a human-centred approach to business automation that provides you with all the promised benefits of automation:

  1. Scale 
  2. Efficiency
  3. Productivity 
  4. Compliance 
  5. Cost Savings
  6. Customer and employee satisfaction 

Without the adverse side effects: 

  1. Complexity 
  2. Management and support overhead 
  3. Increased training and documentation  

Our goal is to give you the leverage to scale up on demand without giving your business over to the bots. 

Essentially a modern version of the ancient adage to work smarter, not harder (through Ai). 

Design/Automate/Run framework

The D/A/R framework is our system for building systems. 

1. Design the system

We work with you to co-design a bespoke service that gives you on-demand access to the capability you need seamlessly integrated into your day-to-day operations.

So, for example, you could work with us to automate the following: 

  • Employee onboarding 
  • Content markeitng & blogpost writing 
  • Prototyping and user testing 
  • Payroll 
  • Project reporting 
  • Quarterly planning 

Because the D/A/R framework optimises human and technology collaboration rather than just straight technology-first automation, we can build processes around higher-value activities that deliver considerable organisational value. 

For example, an effective employee onboarding flow has been proven to reduce first-year attrition by 82%. 

Or as a survey found, 54% of workers spend 5 or more hours per week on tedious tasks that require little or no creativity and could be easily automated. For 16%, it's 10 or more hours.

There is much to be gained in productivity and employee satisfaction by embracing systematisation and automation. 

2. Automate and optimise with technology

We utilise AI, ML and automation software to ensure quality, maximise availability and reduce costs.

Our customers agree that their favourite part about our model is that we fully manage the tech set-up and operation, so you can enjoy the benefits of automation without needing to become its tech support. 

3. Have it available to run on-demand

There is no need to manage a team or keep anyone busy.

W‍hen you hire, your on-demand employee onboarding is ready. When you have a new idea, your design team is ready and waiting to validate it. 

Systems like payroll or marketing reports can even run periodically, so you don't have to remember to trigger them. 

Lastly, the systems we create are fully documented as easy-to-follow standard operating procedures using our Impact Builder platform, so you have full transparency into how your organisation operates and can utilise them within employee training. 

Visual Summary:

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